The aim of this site is to collect data and thoughts about prehistoric megalithic culture in Europe.

Built 4000 to almost 7000 years ago megalithic artefacts are still very present in the European landscape. For many people these prehistoric monuments are fascinating and cause astonishment. On the other hand, because not much is known about the reason for their creation they are often perceived as alien structures - there are even books written about these (weird) ideas!

Why is there this grey mist lying over subjects of the megalithic age? First of all the term 'prehistoric' means by definition that there is no written information form Neolithic times. All semantic and contextual information must be re-established by archaeologists like a jigsaw.

Furthermore, only little oral information was passed on from the Neolithic society. The ritual and religion went to a great extent out of our common mind. The European Christianisation certainly plays an important role in this loss. One particular example is the fate of those wise women that kept ritual and medical knowledge. They were identified by the church as rivals and had to suffer from a literal 'burn out' during the witch-hunts in medieval times.

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