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GPS: 2848'9.58"N; 1754'25.52"W

Rock panels in La Zarza
La Zarza and La Zazita located in a ravine

Fuente La Zarza and La Zarzita are two neighbouring sites in the North of La Palma. The panels of rock art that can be found here are unique in number and complexity. The sites are located at around 1000m height and are set in a laurel forest. First discovered 1941 the grounds are now protected as La Zarza Archaeological Park.

La Zarza cave
La Zarza cave

Both sites are located in a ravine accessible from a car park and visitor centre. The ravine goes uphill in south direction from the car park. The La Zarza site is located in both sides of the eastern branch of the ravine that ends after 400m. At the tip of the ravine is a small cave. The rock formations are very prominent, but the rock carvings are not visible from the distance.

Part of rock panel 1
La Zarza - Part of rock panel
Part of rock panel 1
La Zarza - detail of rock panel

La Zarzita is located in a ravine that branches and continues going further up the hill. Any passing walker must have found the symbols on the way.

La Zarza on the other hand is much richer in rock art and must have been visited on purpose since the path ends at the end of the ravine.

The carvings are showing linear and concentric replicated motifs and spirals. A few were carved over older ones. The big panels on the west side are very impressive and the best known rock carvings on the Island. The panel is 3-4 m high and more than a 1m wide.