Mané Lud

GPS: 47.573900N, 2.9511W

Mané Lud is a Carnac mound with a adjacent chambered cairn in Locmariaquer, Brittany. The mound is 107 x 54 m and nearly 6 m high. The mound was excarvated in 1863-4 and 1911. Under the mound a circular cairn, 21 m across and 3.5 m high was found. Within that cairn was a drystone-walled and corbelled chamber containing an inhumation and a cremation [Burl85].

Mané Lud a Carnac mound
Mané Lud Mound

The Mané Lud chambered cairn is at the WSW end of the mound. It is a quite remarkable monument. A roughly 5 m long passage is slightly truncated by a modern farm building. The chamber is 3.5 x 3 m and covered by a 8.5 x 4.9 m capstone, broken into two pieces.

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Interactive Panorama of Mané Lud chambered cairn in Brittany

On the floor of the chamber is another stone, that has a anthro-morphic shape and could be a re-utilised stelae[Helgouach1999].

Mané Lud chamber
Mané Lud Chamber

The cairn has a total of 9 decorated stones (including the floor slab). The symbols used include Axe carvings, Yoke-symbol or horns and other. The back-stone was recently re-interpreted by Cassen as whale and as a prototype for the Mané Rutual symbol.

Mané Lud decorated stones | Mané Lud decorated stones


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